La Cucina Aperta

The name La Cucina Aperta is based on a lovely Maltese tradition where each house is given a name apart from being assigned a number. In our case, when we built our house in Malta we called it Kcina Miftuha; which literally translates to open kitchen.
Our zip code in Zebbug was ZBG 2407. The letters indicate the town Zebbug and then the numbers 2407; so basically open kitchen 2407.
During some visits to our neighbours in Italy and especially Sicily, I fell in love with a town called Taormina and of course the Italian food and their markets.
I kept the name but as an ‘homage’  to Italian food I translated it from Maltese to italian.

So what can you expect on la Cucina Aperta:

I am planning on regular restaurant reviews, uploading and offering recipes, and I also plan to attend cooking classes, which means dear readers that I also plan to rope you in on the classes with your choice of different chefs. Also, I would like to give you some shopping advice on things like; where to buy fresh food from, what tools to use when and so on.

Another interesting bit is that I plan on taking you with me on my foodie travel journeys, where you can watch or even join me as I upload videos and write ups on what I’ve eaten and where to eat it.

So keep following us or join our community.